Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson "Earthquake in Haiti " comments!

http://Did I just hear Pat Robertson refer to the earthquake in Haiti a blessing in disguise? Pay close attention to his explanation of the economic situation in Haiti. He states that the only way the Haitians (who are direct African descendants) were able to escape the the french rule years ago, was because they swore a pact to the devil. Haiti has been a place plagued with racism for years now. If you pay attention to how the Island is set up it is obvious. The Dominican Republic is very prosperous and very light in complexion. However, Haiti is plagued with poverty and famine, it is on the other side of spectrum, being very dark in complexion. When the Cubans make it to land in the U.S. they are welcomed with open arms and often times granted with citizenship. Unless you are Elian Gonzalez and they request the honor of your presence back in Cuba. However, if you are Haitian and you step foot onto the U.S. soil, without the proper documentation, you will be sent back. Does Pat Robertson's comment stink of his racist views? No matter what you think, you have to still think about the lives that were lost, the children that have been orphaned, the people that are now displaced. Pat how dumb can you be, but then you will probably get away with this comment, because you are a ding ding ding and racist idiot, and your type has gotten away with much worse in the past. I don't know people, this is Terrance DeShaun giving it to you "Just the way I see it!" Feel free to comment!


  1. I tell you, if he had said that in New Zealand, he would have been strung up!! I cannot believe anyone would:

    a. say something like that

    b. get away with it.

    I thought we had our problems in NZ, but , boy, you beat us hands down!


  2. Well after researching Pat Robertson, I found that he is notorious for making these types of comments in the wake of disaster. His foul comments have almost sent more shockwaves than the Earthquake itself!
    Maybe we should send him over to you guys in New Zealand!

  3. It's alright - we have enough trouble of our own :)