Friday, February 12, 2010

Engaging Youth Through Motivational Speakers!


There are two ingredients for success: Inspiration and motivation. These elements are essential in the pursuit of the good life. I use the term “good life” in the sense of accomplishing set goals and fulfilling your life purpose. People tend to overlook motivation as a factor in attaining success; however motivation is perhaps the most important factor in attaining success. There is a motivational deficit amongst our youth, which leads to low academic achievement and youth crime. How can we motivate and inspire our youth? Company’s hire motivation speakers, to raise the morale all of the time. So, why not utilize the talent and ability of youth motivational speakers in the educational setting. After in the grand scheme of things, schools are companies and there is precious commodity (educated and productive young men and women). You may ask yourself, “Can school systems afford Youth Motivational Speakers, during this time of economic distress?” If you are asking this question, then I have your answer. Can we afford to not employ youth motivational speakers? Teen violence is at an all time high, the high school graduation rate is at an all-time low and the solution to this problem is non-existent. The juvenile justice system is crowded and after school programs are empty. We need to incorporate methods of motivation into our school’s curriculum.

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  1. Motivational speakers can do wonders for the youth and the corporate entity. Students are inspired to do better at school; leaders are taught to learn key principles. Speakers should practice and rehearse their speeches to perfection because audiences have high expectations for motivational speaking events.